The question is no longer do you need video the question is what video do you need

Video that Moves your Business Ahead



Do you have content to market? Viewers to engage? Are you working to improve product knowledge, awareness, sales? Whatever you’re promoting, let’s talk strategy.

With Core Visuals you get:
  • Marketing Focus
  • Audience Awareness
  • Targeted Objectives
  • Budgeting Expertise


Without strategy, your video can cost too much, take too long, and still not achieve your goals. Without creativity, it blends in. We craft video that stands out.

With Core Visuals you get:
  • Technical Expertise
  • Storytelling Savvy
  • Business Approach
  • Innovative View


Video consumption is in a state of rapid growth thanks to consumer demand, ease of distribution, and more. Take advantage of the powerful gift of video and get–and stay–on the receiving end of the benefits.

With Core Visuals you get:
  • Customer Relevance
  • Leading-Edge Media
  • Authority Positioning
  • Message Accessibility

What our Clients say

  • Thank you for your vision, talent, flexibility and commitment.

    — Kim Cusimano —
  • The video is outstanding! We are so thrilled with it! It is beyond what we thought we could do.

    — Kristen Drexler —
  • This video is a great way to stand out from our competition. Thank you!

    — Kevin D. —

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Video Worth the Effort?

First, we want you to know we make the process as effortless for you as we possibly can, allowing you to focus on what you do best while we focus on applying what we do best to your business. Not to mention, video will account for roughly 70% of Internet traffic by 2017* … so yes, it’s worth it!

Video is Expensive, Isn't It?

Well, it can be, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. As a strategic production company, Core is laser-focused on the value your video brings to your objectives. We work within a range of budgets and know the most effective ways to deliver your message for the most impact within a given budget.

What if I Don’t Know What I Want?

We get it–the possibilities for video are endless! It’s very exciting, but it can seem overwhelming. How do you select the best format, style and content for YOUR video? With technology changing rapidly and so many success stories to model after, where do you start? You partner with Core.

*Visual projection study 2013-2018 by Cisco

New technology is common, new thinking is rare.

— Sir Peter Blake —

Start Here To Move Ahead



Start with a Partner

Meet Owner Ed Mochrie

You have enough on your plate, don’t you? Imagine what an asset it will be to have the resources you need to maximize the potential return on your video project. Not simply someone working the camera or editing software, but a expert who knows how to balance the art and science of video with the core values your company wants to convey.

This is why you need to start with a partner in video. At Core Visuals, Founder Ed Mochrie serves as the Account Supervisor, Creative Director and Executive Producer for every project. Ed delivers more than a personal touch — he brings 15 years of project management experience in corporate environments and government sectors directly to your collaboration and makes a serious commitment to your goals.

Soar with Our Skillset

The Team You Need

Every company has different needs, every project has its own parameters, and each video is a unique production. While we love our best practices and strategic processes, we won’t take a cookie cutter approach to your video just to make it easier on us. We want quality. Effectiveness. And that requires the right team for the right reasons.

We assemble that team according to your project’s needs, whether you are working on a single signature statement video or embarking on a forward thinking strategy of a multiple video series. Our priorities will always include leveraging the budget, streamlining the schedule and delivering a high cost-to-value ratio. With all that, the end goal remains: create the most impressive and effective video possible.


Move Ahead with Vision

Your Future Edge, Now

We take video best practices and business basics seriously, and we also understand the creativity that inspires and entertains the audiences you need to engage. Things are moving fast in the new media landscape. You should be on the leading edge with the content consumers want.

It takes vision and strategy to move ahead and maintain that position. When we bring your vision to viewers through a strategic video program, we are keeping you out in front of your audience, your industry, and the competition.

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